"We asked David to come to our home to help us meld the style of the home (Tuscan) with our individual styles (Contemporary). We had just purchased a home that we fell in love with when we toured, but once our belongings went into the home it didn't have the same feel. We were very discouraged and felt like our dream home was anything but that and we even (a few months after purchasing it) considered selling our new home and actually began looking at other homes to purchase...

"Then we found David, who assured us he could create a design that would be functional yet one that we loved. We sat down with him and discussed our style preferences and goals for the home and he immediately got to work! He was always available to bounce ideas off of, he met me at various stores around town to get a sense of our style by picking out some items, kept meticulous records, was creative, an excellent problem solver, was mindful of our budget, and (most importantly) was open to getting an overwhelming number of emails and texts from me asking, "What do you think about this??" He was willing to tell me when I had a good idea and when my ideas fell flat. He was mindful of honoring our list of "must keep" items and integrating those into his design. Working with him was delightful and he was so kind and patient with my family - even sitting down with my kids to ask them their ideas for their bedrooms.

"He really took the time to get to know us, which became so evident when the design was completed. Every room was wonderfully decorated and married the style of our house with our personal style. We had a lot of challenges that David handled and overcame professionally and patiently. He convinced us to take risks when he felt they were important but let us put on the brakes when he saw it was important to us. He customized details of our home that are subtle yet stand out (ex: custom pillow covers to match drapes, custom floral arrangements to match our color scheme, custom made table runners, customized drapery, etc..). When David was in our home working it felt like having family over - our kids still ask for him! We would not hesitate to recommend David and are considering other projects to have him help us with - he made a typically stressful project feel fun! In the end, David made us fall in love with our house, all over again!! Thank you, David - you gave us exactly what we were looking for - a house that feels like home."

- J. White

"My wife and I had the privilege of working with David throughout the design and construction of our recently completed custom home, he was thorough, meticulous, smart, gracious and amusing. He listened first, then offered opinions and took lots of notes. He was deft at arbitrating different points of view and we were particularly impressed with his eye for detail, and his planning and managerial skills. We lived in another state during the construction and it was hard to conceive how the project would have been completed without David's oversight. My wife and I would enthusiastically recommend David without reservation." 

- L. Henrickson

"David always welcomes the opportunity to meet a challenge head on. Always with clear communication between Designer and the client, contributing amazing ideas and solutions. He is always prepared with design resources in hand, creative thoughts eager to be presented and the assurance that attentive service will follow..."

- B. Neel